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cat_77 ([personal profile] cat_77) wrote2017-01-15 09:59 am

LJ Stuff

I have not actively used LJ for a couple of years now, just cross-posted from DW instead with occasional posts to communities to say I had a new fic, but I haven't even done that for a while. Ever since they moved the servers, I have been slammed with spam comments on posts that are years old (oddly, they all seem to pre-date the DW cross-posts).

Anyway, I'm letting the paid account expire. I think this just means fewer icon choices and ads for me, but let me know if there's extra crap. Not sure if I'll still cross-post or not, to be honest.

If you are thinking that at least some of this is politically inspired, you would not be wrong. I won't preach my views here, others have said things far more elequently than I, but I will leave it as a confirmation that I have some views and follow them.

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