cat_77: Katie being awesome (Katie)
cat_77 ([personal profile] cat_77) wrote2016-05-29 02:10 pm

RL Update-like Thing

Sorry for the lack of posts/stories/etc. I do have a series pretty much ready to go that I might get the chance to post this weekend.

Anyway, an extremely short version of the current real life shenanigans that have been keeping me busy goes as follows:
1) Tons of new stuff to do at work.
2) Helping son with his own real life adventures.
3) Had a cancer scare that sent me into overdrive and less daily panic attacks and more week-long attacks. Turned out benign, which is of the good, but it took a while to get to that point. Now I just have the physical and financial scars, but those are doable (work insurance is not the world's best, but far better than a lot of other places).

Not posting for sympathy, just for updates and such even though I know very few people still read this site.



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