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Avengers - Asset Aquired [Marked 'Verse]

Title: Asset Acquired
Pairings: Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis, Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers, background Jane Foster/Thor
Rating: NC17
Length: ~28,000 words
Spoilers: Not Avengers: Age of Ultron or Captain America: Civil War compliant
Warnings: Kidnapping, injury, people making dumb choices
Synopsis: Soulbonds take a little time to adjust to, especially when they involve incredibly stubborn people. Trying to find their way would be so much easier if others didn't interrupt with plans of their own.
Author's Notes: A soulmate AU in which people are marked where and when their match first touches them. Second in the Marked series.
Disclaimer: I do not own theses character and am making no profit from this.

Available on AO3.