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Okay, so huge thanks goes out to anyone and everyone for even contemplating writing any of these. Hopefully there's nothing too nitpicky or weird? Presented in alphabetical order because, really, no preference so long as you are kind enough to write something!

Black Widow (comics)
Preference for the latest run. Since Natasha herself is out of play as a main character per the tags, how about Isaiah? What does Isaiah do in his off time? Why is he so loyal to Natasha? How does he have all these random skills of his own? How often does he secretly check up on her, leave her things she doesn't think she'll need, and feed her cat while she pretends not to notice?

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
Seriously, damn near anything. There needs to be more fic in general for this movie. I do have a preference for Gen to focus on the awesomeness of the siblings, but that's about it. For really. Action, adventure, hurt, comfort. All of it. Bonus points for Gretel using bits of magic. Extra bonus points for Hansel realizing she's not the only one who can.

Hawkeye (comics)
Preference for the Fraction universe because I love the way he writes Clint and Kate. They're in over their heads but keep on going, usually assuming they're on their own, only to realize just how many others have their backs. Maybe a mission-like fic with them? Or Barney meeting Kate and how that goes down? Or Bobbi, Natasha, and Jessica all being, "Why do we love this dumbass again? Here, let's go save him and pretend we just happened to be in the neighborhood... at 3 am... fully armed... with comms to the others..."

Orphan Black
While I love all of the characters, I have an undying love for Helena. Yes she's warped and yes she's damaged, but there's just something in her than makes you want to know more, you know? What made her become the woman she is? Does she ever wonder if it could have been different? Does she dream of a past being raised side by side with her sestra? Does Sarah dream the same? Interactions with any and all are welcomed.

I have only read the first book in the series, though I have seen the episodes to date. Maybe all the ways Jaime has looked out for Claire without her realizing it? Or her doing the same for him? Maybe his family's, his clan's reaction to her? Maybe her telling tales from her own time, phrasing them in fairytales when she knows others are listening? Maybe her telling about everything she had seen during the war and how she fears what's to come both in the past and in the future? Bonus points for Jenny and/or Murtagh because they are just awesome.

So, yeah, hopefully this will give some ideas? Again, just the fact someone is willing to write anything at all is awesome in and of itself.

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Oh, my dear, I did you wrong. So now let me make it right.

[personal profile] fire_and_a_rose 2015-04-23 04:42 am (UTC)(link)
I was your yuletide author, and I wrote your Outlander request.

But apparently, the post of it didn't go through. And I had no clue until just now.

I don't have a copy of the story still. But I can write you two Jamie/Claire stories to make up for the one that got lost, if you'd take it in apology.
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Also, if you're unaware? THere's an Outlander graphic novel called The Exile. It's Jamie's POV from shortly before meeting Claire until right after Claire makes her decision at the stones to stay with Jamie and they're ready to go to Lallybroch.