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cat_77 ([personal profile] cat_77) wrote2015-05-24 11:04 pm

Posting Question

I have a fic of roughly 32K that I'm getting ready to post. When I write, I tend not to break up into individual chapter, but might put a break in to denote time has passed. One or two of these combined might equal a suitable chapter length. I think.

So, preference question:
Do you prefer to read fic divied up into individual chapters, or one big chunk to process all at once?

I usually choose the chunk at once, but have to admit that there's a downside to reading it on mobile when it refreshes for whatever reason. My partner says she strongly dislikes the all at once for precisely that reason.
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[personal profile] ilien 2015-05-25 08:46 am (UTC)(link)
I pretty much always read fic in one go (a 32k would definitely be a one-chunk for me), but I like having options. I'd rather click "entire work" in a multi-chaptered work than have a big chunk text when, for some reason, I need chapters.

So, I vote for chapters.