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cat_77 ([personal profile] cat_77) wrote2015-06-21 12:54 pm

Again! Again!

I was wondering when this would come out again and was trying to keep an eye out for it, but totally missed it until I went back through my feed this weekend.

It's time for [community profile] hc_bingo again!

I know some people have qualms about it and whatnot, but I have found it to be a wonderful way of breaking through writer's block by offering prompts that you can take literally, or turn on their head.

Anyway, my card is :

washing / bathing someone self-harm group support abuse For Varying Definitions Thereof atonement
unconsciousness undeserved reputation scars headaches / migraines Head Case hypoglycemia / low blood sugar
difficult / unexpected pregnancy Plead the Belly arena WILD CARD fire 8-fold Path heart attack / heart trouble
nightmares rape / non-con begging isolation Solitary loss of home / shelter
head trauma robots / androids wings sensory deprivation Deprivare accept injury to protect someone