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It might not seem like it right now with the distinct lack of posting, but I really am actually writing. I've got two long fics I'm poking at that are nowhere near done yet, so it'll be a while still.

So, here's the issue: both fics focus on the same characters and I've reached that almost-obsession stage about said characters. I think I need a break? Like, a little distraction so that I can come back to them with the excited "what are they going to do next?" and not just "oh, hey, you guys again..."

Which leads me to: Prompt me? Please?

List two characters and a one to two word prompt. No promises for epic-length results, but you'll get something short and sweet in the very least.

Check out my tags for a list of fandoms I usually write in. I'll also toss in The 100, The Originals, and Galavant though were slightly behind on The Originals right now.

Hit me? Pretty please?
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Hee *claps hands with glee* prompts! Yay! As I don't know which two characters you are stuck with, I will list several of my fave fandoms;) I love gen, h/c, humor or friendship fics. The prompt would be - Having a bad day (which could go either way;) Or a crossover between any of the fandoms listed. Like Tony meeting Tony, lol, or Sherlock meeting Helen Magnus. That one could be interesting:-)

Sherlock - John&Sherlock
Sanctuary - Will&anyone
NCIS - Tony&Gibbs
Avengers - Clint&Tony (banter or action or whatever), or really getting to know any of the guys between Avengers and AOU

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You wrote me a fic! An Avenger fic, with Clint and Tony and lurking Nat! I soooo love you for this *HUGS*. I loved this part:

"If you're so smart, how the hell am I supposed to get past this?" Barton baited. He still stared across the expanse of blue and white, probably seeing everything and nothing at once.

Tony mused on that for a second before he said, "No fucking idea, but I bet it doesn't involve climbing the highest building in the damn city, sulking about, and looking like you're about to flatten a couple of pedestrians."

Had to lol at that, it was just soooo Tony. And his outstretched hands at the end, and Natasha watching them. Thank you:)