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December 29th, 2014

cat_77: (SG-1 Earth)
Monday, December 29th, 2014 02:17 pm
Title: Mission: Minnesota
Genre: Slash (blink and you'll miss it Daniel/Jack and Janet/Sam)
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~8,400 words
Synopsis: It was a much needed vacation, so of course something had to go horribly wrong. On the run, all alone, and more than slightly freezing, Daniel tries to find a beacon of hope. He finds pie. Family too, but mostly pie.
Author's Notes: For the "unconscious" square at [community profile] hc_bingo. This was originally planned out to be a much longer story with a ton of inside jokes regarding Minnesota, but has been severely chopped down. All places mentioned are real and geographically sound, though the people mentioned are amalgams of various people from far too many times on the shores.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and am making no profit from this.

Also available on AO3.

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Feedback is always welcomed.
cat_77: (Hands - Freya & Merlin)
Monday, December 29th, 2014 03:45 pm
Giant coding post of coding time...

Managed to complete a Border Bingo, which was my goal this time out. Go me?

Fandoms: Agents of SHIELD, Avengers (MCU), Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Outlander, Orphan Black, Stargate: SG-1
H/C: accidents, asphyxiation, burns, caught in a robbery, difficult/unexplained pregnancy, disappearing, estrangement, headaches/migraines, insomnia, loss of home/shelter, magical trouble, rape/non-con, wings, witch hunt, unexpected consequences of planned soul bonding, unconsciousness

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